Today in "that sounds easy," I made a bookmarklet for #xkcd 1288! I'm probably not the first to try, but wev. Enjoy!

Bookmarklet available here since I can't post it directly.
New York office space is the worst sometimes. I actually really love this space, with its high ceilings and huge windows, but general agreement is that, no, we won't be able to have wired internet. There's the remnants of the previous tenant's attempt around -- cables strung along the wall and then painted over, or draped across the ceiling to end in a tangled mess above the fuse box -- but none of it actually works. So I bought some extra-long ethernet cables and a cover so I could run them across the doorway, and hurray, hookups for my Ubuntu dev machine and the Windows test box.

Good news: As the ranking NY dev, I get the private office.
Bad news: The cables don't go that far.

So I've been issued a Mac laptop instead. It's definitely a pretty thing, and I use one at home, so I'm pretty comfortable there.

But man do ever I miss copy-on-select / middle click to paste and tripple-clicking to pick up a path. That made it so much faster to work with git, and I'm a vim user, so you know I care about tiny optimizations.

Which brings me to today's bit of joy.

To select a path in iTerm2, the way triple-click does on Ubuntu, command + shift + double-click.

Facebook is a beast. Always load asynchronously:

var $fb = $('.fb-block'));

Happily, this works for all of the various incarnations of Facebook code I tried.

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